MIA® at ICE London 2023 Measuring campaigns in real-time: the challenge for online gambling companies


The Buenos Aires-based communications agency Pipol will be present at ICE London 2023 (stand N3 Lower), showcasing a Meeting Room. The event, which will take place from February 7 to 9, aims to make alliances with potential customers and promote Pipol’s leading technology: MIA®.

The company’s directors explained that MIA® is a technology created 100% by Pipol. Among other advantages, MIA® allows clients from the gambling industry to understand the impact of the investment in advertising campaigns effectively and instantaneously. It’s time to say goodbye to statistical projection models or wait months or years to collect an infinite amount of data.

Celeste Slaibe, CEO & Founder of the agency, said that MIA® measures every impact on offline and online media, focused on TV and radio on digital assets, in real time, hour by hour, minute by minute.  MIA® also simultaneously evaluates the total number of users who interact directly and indirectly with a website or application after seeing an advertisement, thanks to the cross-referencing of information between the ad’s time and its interactions.

“MIA® is powered by a Business Hacking team specialized in conducting tailor-made assessments, such as products, competitors, and market analysis, as well as Ux/Ui and SEO, among others,” said Slaibe. According to her, “the tool develops measurement and attribution solutions, as well as reporting and optimization, using data and technology for the gambling & e-commerce industry, aimed to the maximum performance of advertising campaigns.”

Slaibe emphasized: “Our team is led by a generation of diverse professionals who love service and play a leading role in every strategy stage.”

Thanks to MIA®, Pipol has a significant challenge: maximizing clients’ advertising investment with the best tool in Latin America, which mixes the use of technology and reads millions of data, with business intelligence, for a correct interpretation of what she delivers.

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