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September 23, 2022

What if you could accurately measure the performance of an advertising campaign in real time and have a backup of the data it collects? What about being aware of the channel where it aired and the best time to advertise? Now, it is possible to avoid the 60-day waiting to understand the results of the ad, the impact of each spot and the conversions achieved by a TV spot. All of this is feasible, yet for years this has been a dream for most CMOs.

With a focus on Data Driven, we at Pipol developed a technology that relies on digital performance methodologies through online reports, measuring the impact of the investment in communication in real time, identifying opportunities and deviations.

The MIA® algorithm presents information to help users decide how to maximize the effectiveness of their advertising investment. Additionally, it ensures that modifications are goal-driven, simplifying the expensive campaign management process and fostering a healthy ecosystem between organic and spend, TV and digital, as well as customer and client.

MIA®: an essential partner of Marketing teams

MIA® is a 100% Pipol proprietary development that measures the impact of online and offline media on digital assets, making advertising spending measurable, reliable and efficient.

MIA® measures the number of users that visited a website, e-commerce, or app and displays results in real time, hour by hour, minute by minute. The insights from its algorithm feedback into the strategy, improving and optimising the entire purchase and implementation process.

It is a technology that evaluates the attribution of the contact points of each media impact. It measures and audits the performance outcome of a website or app according to marketing objectives, such as visibility, traffic, registration, or sales.

We are ready to help you achieve your goals! MIA® is the beginning of the revolution in communication campaigns and what every marketing area needs for better results.

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