MIA® shines at Sagse LATAM 2023

April 27, 2023

On April 19 and 20, Buenos Aires hosted Sagse Latam 2023, the most important gambling expo in Latin America. The event brought together the biggest players in the industry to network and showcase their products and services. 


Pipol was proud to be an event sponsor, and delighted to share a presentation entitled “How to control and maximize 100% of the media investment in real time, using MIA®”, delivered by Diego Fernández, our AdTech Director.


Fernández was pleased with the positive feedback on his talk.“We were able to show the impressive growth that the betting, casino and digital lottery sectors are currently experiencing around the world, particularly in Latin America, with brands investing the most in advertising campaigns for sports events.” And he added: “In this context, what may seem surprising is that more than 70% of offline advertising is not measured or audited, and in digital, measurement is limited.”


More than 70% of offline advertising is not measured or audited, and in digital, measurement is limited.


According to Fernández, far from being a problem, this scenario represents a huge opportunity for brands wishing to measure, control and attribute their advertising campaigns efficiently: “This gave us the opportunity to present MIA®, our flagship that uses artificial intelligence tool certified to ISO 270001, capable of auditing, attributing and optimizing communication campaigns in real time, 24/7.”


Conference attendees were interested to learn how MIA® is able to audit and attribute 100% of gambling companies’ brand activity in offline and digital media, enabling them to optimize their performance while keeping an eye on competitors’ behavior as well. 


For Pipol, Sagse Latam represented a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with the most important people and players in the gambling sector, and the perfect context to introduce them to MIA® – Pipol’s proprietary technology that just keeps on growing as it enables more and more customers to optimize their offline and online media buying in real time, providing digital analysis methodologies and guaranteeing business results in a single analysis/evaluation model.


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