Maximizing marketing investment: The big challenge for many companies

December 3, 2022

The online gambling market in Latam is growing by leaps and bounds, with more and more global players arriving in the Region to offer their products and services. In fact, according to Statista, the gross revenue from the gambling sector is expected to experience an impressive expansion of approximately 600% by 2024. In this context, the advertising investment decisions of marketing areas will likely be constantly reviewed and optimised.

In line with this, the communication agencies serving these companies have a significant challenge: to cross-reference the high volumes of games and records with the enormous amount of information resulting from advertising campaigns. The goal? To maximise investment in order to make the best decisions to drive business growth.

Some technologies measure and track the behaviour of users of online and offline media campaigns: radio, television or digital. But they need to do it instantly. At Pipol, on the other hand, we do, thanks to our flagship measurement and attribution technology: MIA®, designed so that marketing areas have an outstanding control of the impact of their advertising investment.

According to Diego Fernández, Director of AdTech at the agency, “the information resulting from a campaign is cross-referenced with information from the site and the impact on affiliate platforms, in addition to data from each operation. All this information in real time is incorporated into MIA®, and analysed by its algorithm, transforming the data into information”.

And in his own words, “this information is incorporated into our system and processed daily. This allows us to have historical knowledge and make projections with few margins of error, as well as optimise any pattern made with undesirable results, at an early stage”.

This tool is essential for improving every online gambling and e-commerce company’s marketing budget in the medium and long term. Thus, advertising investments are immediately monitored, improved over time, and enhanced for better performance.

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